Your digital Supply Chain partner !

We are passionate about Supply Chain and how we can support you to become a disruptor and can deliver innovative solutions using advanced sensors and design.

“The digital supply chain subject matter expert”

We develop innovative solutions to optimize, automate and monitor in real-time your supply chain. We have developed solutions for all means of transportation and for commodity traders, good manufacturers, surveyors, suppliers and buyers.
We use connected sensors providing accurate and systematic data to monitor products and assets which can be instantaneously shared with business customers, suppliers, surveyors and more, thanks to our taylor-made web based applications.

“Our Expertise”

Transportation & Tracking
Real Time
Quality & Quantity monitoring
Inspection & Audit
Verification & Control

“Digital Disruptor”

We use the latest and most advanced technologies which enable us to adapt to requirement from corporate, tech start-up and marketing needs to digital storefront. We can therefore access, treat, display and make use of all contents in a diverse yet consistent manner.